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Building teams in Web3: How to onboard new hires

30th September, 7 pm CEST
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Nelson Lopez
Head of HR operations, Gate.io
Margaret Gabriel
Head of People & Talent, CoinFund
Nse Barna
Chief of Staff, Aleo
Fedor Tormosov

Building teams in Web3: How to onboard new hires

The Web3 market is growing and expanding at an enormous scale, and the demand for qualified employees is growing correspondingly.

There are about 25K job openings on web3career right now alone. Since the market is still in its infancy, it lacks web3 native candidates, companies have to hire web2 talents and somehow nurture them into web3 minded. This affects the performance: non-onboarded candidates perform poorly and leave.

Hence the key challenges for Web3 companies to grow faster

– What’s the right onboarding for new hires in Web3.
– How to find crypto-minded employees.
– How to train high performing web2 specialists to become crypto native.

What’s up on the agenda

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Who’s  speaking

Nelson Lopez
Head of HR operations, Gate.io

Looking at what moves people, and giving them a reason to bond, is where Nelson finds purpose. So whenever he finds himself in discussions around HR, he realizes that it's a great vehicle, but his commitment is to give individuals a reason to connect. With visions, missions, and Teams.

Now Nelson is a head of HR operations at Gate.io -  a worldwide digital asset platform that supports 1400+ cryptocurrencies and 2500+ trading pairs.

Margaret Gabriel
Head of People & Talent at CoinFund, CoinFund

Margaret is currently a head of talent at CoinFund, ex Gemini and Google. CoinFund is a cryptonative investment firm and registered investment advisor. The firm is one of the longest running web3 venture capitalists and has invested an estimated $1 billion in seed-stage startups.

Nse Barna
Chief of Staff, Aleo

Aleo is a layer 1 blockchain that focuses on privacy by default. Nse is passionate about strategic & agile business support and sees her success as making her Leads and teams as effective and efficient as possible. With a diverse set of industry and discipline experiences, she provides a unique lens in business operations as she pushes organizations to grow & scale.

As an operational generalist, Nse  helps lead the charge in PeopleOps, Business Operations, HR and Recruiting, Channel Operations, Marketing and Finance Operations.

Fedor Tormosov

Fedor Tormosov is the CMO of HUMANS. He has over four years of experience in public relations and marketing for companies like HSEU, Budu, and h.careers. He focuses on building unique marketing strategies and campaigns for HRTech and EdTech startups. As a CMO of Budu.jobs and h.careers, Fedor helped companies prepare for a $1 million investment.

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An up-and-coming metaverse for attracting and onboarding talents to Web3 companies. Coming soon.

HUMANS already gathered Web3 People Managers in a private community. We discuss use cases, share insights and literally shape the industry.

Who’s already in the community

Pablo Sojo
Principle HR lead,
The Sandbox

Kem Boggs
Head of people,
Near Foundation

Erin Boose
Global talent,

Masha Boone
VP people,

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