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DeFi growth: how to onboard non-crypto users and create trust

Abishek Dharshan
Product & Community Lead at Zerion
6th October, 7 p.m (CEST)
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DeFi growth: how to onboard non-crypto users and create trust

6th October, 7 p.m (CEST)

Let’s be honest. User onboarding in Web3 sometimes can churn your potential clients instead of attracting them. Especially when it comes to complex (or even not that complex) DeFi products. 
Why? It is:

– confusing
– scary
– requires users to create their crypto wallets
– time-consuming
– not always user friendly
– insert your option

And if it may not scare a crypto-minded user, and you may not only onboard them, but also turn them into a loyal customer – with a non-crypto user it may not work. They may already flake at the step of connecting the wallet. 

So how do you onboard new non-crypto users, and build trust among advanced Web3 users? 

We will talk about it  with Abishek Dharshan.

You’ll learn how to:

– Create user onboarding that works in Web3
– Onboard non-crypto users 
– Create trust in a DeFi product
– Solve other big challenges when growing DeFi

What’s up on the agenda

Блок с темами спикеров (программа) – ее пока нет?

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Who’s speaking?

Abishek Dharshan
Product & Community Lead at Zerion

Abi is the product & community lead at Zerion, the Web3 smart wallet & asset management (DeFi + NFT) dashboard with 250k+ MAUs & $1.5B+ volume. He also works on the Zerion API which is used by leading players like Rainbow Wallet, StakeDAO & more to build their intuitive interfaces.

He first became involved with blockchain in 2017 and co-founded dBay, a non-fungible token marketplace back in 2018. Previously, he conducted Series A due diligence at Radical Ventures, led Wolfram|Alpha’s localization strategy, consulted for Dalberg, and scaled user-driven ecosystems at the intersection of fintech, crypto, and AI. He's fascinated by new ways of doing money and believes in creating robustness through decentralization.

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